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Supports Android Pay and Apple Pay



Wallet Payable™ App is available in both Apple and Android stores.This App helps any customer to pay with digitally securely stored credit/debit card or with Apple Pay and Android Pay (soon to be added). Wallet Payable™ can open and pay an invoice sent from Payable™ App with Bitcoin or a credit card/debit card. Wallet Payable™ can store an invoice to pay later, and user can pay any donation amount to a charity organization approved by Stripe.


Circle plus payments,Inc.™ is a software development company. We enhance payment experience with Stripe Connect for merchants. We do not sell/have merchant accounts or perform transactions for you. We enable a better experience through an integrated secure front end with various transaction options. We are a Stripe Connect platform App with all the features. You as a merchant through our app can sign with Stripe and assume all financial and legal liabilities for the transactions.

Please Do not use www.circlepluspay.com as your website when you sign in and please sign in with your business website as a Connect user. Please do not signup if you are one of the prohibited businesses per stripe.Stripe Prohibited Business

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